NZ Poetry Slam Rules

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

 Rules for NZ National Poetry Slam


3 minutes or less with no minimum time (10 second grace period before point’s deduction)

Time starts when poet speaks, however while poets can have time to settle and adjust microphone etc, this time is not limitless; ideally a poet should start after 10 seconds.

Original poems only

No props no music no costumes (i.e. clothing related to the content of your poem)

In the case of a tie a slam off will be required

Random draw, for performance order.

Judging and scoring:

5 Audience Judges (chosen by MC and/or organiser) display score cards 0-10

(Decimal points allowed)

 Top and bottom scores drop off and total of remaining 3 scores is the total

If Poet goes over grace period MC or Timekeeper to ask scorer to mark down points after the judges score… (Half a point penalty for every 10 seconds over time)

Poet to start the night, to help calibrate scores.

 Judges (and audience) will be told that slams are equally about writing, performance and audience response.

After 4 minutes the MC can shut down the poet

Slammers should have at least 3 poems, as for the Regionals and NZ Slam there will be three rounds…



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