We are about helping Poetry Slams reach out to a much wider audience, to show that poetry is contemporary, accessible and very relevant, and also that poetry can be engaging and entertaining.

Poetry Slams are like the FM band of poetry, there is always something for someone.

The vast majority that attends poetry slams (or close cousin poetry idol) are people who have never been to a poetry event and who come away having totally enjoyed themselves and realising that poetry is not like the old stereotypes and misconceptions of the past.   

While poetry slams are competitive by their very nature and format, it is often said that the winner is always poetry; by the way it engages people.

NZ Poetry Slam is a collective effort by some passionate and committed poets and friends of poetry, we welcome people who want to help in any capacity at all, be it simply spreading the “word” or something a little more, this is all about poetry and poetry slams, and as such is not an exclusive group or organisation.

If you wish to know more and cannot see it on here, feel free to ask…


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